Soup to Nuts

 “Soup to Nuts” Services?

Soup to Nuts is an old English idiom that conveys the meaning of “beginning to end” as related to a full course dinner starting with “soup” and ending with “nuts”.  That is how we approach online search strategies.  From beginning to end.

If you are a business owner or a member of the senior leadership team responsible for profit and loss you just want to have someone handle the issues.  You don’t really want an education on how things work or what needs to be done, you just want results.  That is what we do but in order to get the results, you need we prefer not to serve up one of five dinner courses at a time to and only partially satisfy your appetite for generating more sales leads and revenue from your company’s online presence.  If you prefer the ala carte menu approach we probably won’t be a good fit.  Even if we don’t cook each course we will ensure all of the course fit together and that they are executed effectively.

Many SEO and digital marketing firms will attempt to sell you on one course to satisfy your needs.  Most likely you will have to return for more courses to satisfy your appetite.  Why not just accomplish what you hired them for?  Get more sales leads!

SEO Strategy Services

Our services are focused on ensuring your business has the best return on investment as possible.  Businesses spend a small fortune on websites and online marketing services. Unless properly planned and managed few provide a good return on the investment.  (SEO) Search Engine Optimization Strategy and Management of the resources used for online marketing can improve ROI, lead generation, customer relationship management, and ultimately more sales.  We will work with your marketing and sales teams to ensure your business leverages the vast potential of online search.

Visibility Snapshot

Our visibility snapshot is free and the best way to understand how visible your business is online.  We will provide you with a brief overview of your actual web traffic based on search compared to your competitors and current trends.  If you aren’t visible to your potential clients they will not find you or buy from you.  Wouldn’t you like to know how you are doing?

For a Free Comprehensive Visibility Report

This isn’t just a software program.  A live person reviews customized criteria based on your business and competitors in the marketplace.

Aligning Business & Online Strategies

It is important to ensure your online strategies align with your business strategy.   We recommend and provide a thorough analysis of your current business strategy and goals and how they align with your online strategy.  This includes the basics of understanding your customer persona, your business’s strengths and weaknesses.  A review of what you have done online, your online competition, and your competitive positioning locally, domestically, or internationally.  We will figure out where your likely prospects hang out online, what types of devices they use for search, and what types of words they use when searching for your services.  Then we will work with you and your team to develop, modify, or improve the current strategies to become an effective lead or sales generation online engine.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Utilizing readily available software tools, we perform a complete technical audit & analysis of your current website, competition, content, backlinks, social media, branding support.  These reports are shared with you with a summary of our interpretations of priorities.  We do not leave it to you or your team to figure it out by themselves.  SEO is complicated and covers a multitude of options to create website traffic and good placement on (SERPs) Search Engine Result Pages.  Depending on your strategy, goals, and customer personas some of these options will be more effective than others.  We will help you make those decisions and customize an effective strategy.

On Page & Content Optimization

The most important element of SEO and often missed by the best websites is on page optimization.  We coach your team on optimizing each of your web pages for the best search results.  The most valuable and well-written content has no value if a prospective customer can’t find it when searching online. We include an audit and recommendations on all the critical on-page elements necessary to rank with the major search engines; Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

We will also provide content templates for each new page, landing page, article or blog using software research tools that will help ensure that each piece of content is optimized for its intended target audience.  This includes analysis of similar content locally or across the web to ensure yours is competitive in search.  Before your writers begin to write we work with them to ensure the resulting content is optimized for competitive search.

Off-Page Optimization

It is important to use all the online tools available for analysis of the wide assortment of options for off page optimization.  This includes directories, backlinks, shares, posting on social media like Linkedin, Facebook, etc.  Also pay for a click, email capture, remarketing campaigns, or even local sponsorships and charities if appropriate.  We help your team determine the best off-page focused approach for your business.

Google AdWords

We are a Certified Google Partner utilizing Google products to augment search engine optimization to increase visitor traffic on your website.  Google Ad Words is an effective tool enabling a business to efficiently reach their prospective audience.  Developing the right strategy and ads to reach your audience can be complicated.  Many businesses fail to control their advertising spend by not properly utilizing the right keywords, geography or positioning.  We minimize the advertising spend by ensuring your business has the right strategy competitive placement across the internet.

Ongoing Management & Reporting

Technology capabilities are constantly changing as are Google’s search algorithms.  Every week there is something new to consider to ensure your online strategy remains viable.  Will will provide ongoing reporting on the health and effectiveness of your online and offline presence.  Your team can utilize this information to ensure you continually improve your return on investment.  They will know what has been effective and what hasn’t, ranking in SERPs and against competitors.  As CEO or business owner, you will have a way to measure return on investment.

Web Design

Developing strategies for new web design ensuring they are optimized for search from the beginning can save you considerable time and money.  Many of the great web designers are not the best SEO practitioners.   We can help with strategy development and design.  We create client websites with Thrive, Divi, Most WP Themes and Word Press.

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