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June 29, 2019 in Website SEO

SEO Best Practices

What are the practical SEO best practices for a Website?


  • Technically Correct
    When a website is built technically correctly search engines and visitors can find the information they need based on their search criteria or "Keywords".
  • Use the Right Keywords
    People search using common terms and phrases.  Finding out how people search for your products and services is key for them finding you when they need you.  How do you search for things you need online?
  • Provide Informational Value
    Are you providing answers to questions that your potential customers or asking?  Are you an authoritative source of information on the product or services.


  • Not Technically Correct
    Neither the search engines or even direct visitors will find the information they are looking for which is a missed opportunity for your business. You might as well hang a closed sign hanging in your window when you are actually open.
  • Not Using the Right Keywords
    Unless you are Trump or Fox News, or other well known brand your company name is not a keyword. 
  • Providing No Content
    Content is still king or the best way to provide value.  Tricks to sale your goods or services is not content and neith search engines or visitors will find it of value.

Conclusion:  Google Rules!

This is no what you had in mind when you were looking for SEO Best Practices?  Probably not, but it may be the top three most important things to remember.   There are dozens of lists out there on how to "rank" in the top three or on the first page of search results.  Many of them are selling their product and services!  Want the best list?  Google "Google SEO best practices 2019".  Google still rules search so why not follow the search engine that makes the rules?  Or in this case Search Engine Journal.

10 Important 2019 SEO Trends

10 Important 2019 SEO Trends You Need to Know

There is a reason this box came up in the search.  Called a knowledge panel the content was crafted to satisfy Google's Rules to answer the search query "Google SEO best practices 2019".  The second result was Google's guide on SEO.  Why second?  Look at the keywords used in the search and those in bold in the results.  SEO, 2019, Best.   Google wasn't even trying since the dominate with the brand but hopefully you get the idea.  Try a few searches yourself and see how the keywords play a part in the results you get from the search.

SEO Starter Guide

SEO Best Practices for 2019

Authoritative Results

Rather than repeat what all these "authoritative" sources have the say about "best practices" try Googling it and see what you find.  If Google's search algorithm worked properly and these articles conformed to those rules they were probably ranked in these top spots because the did demonstrate expertise, authority and trustworthiness!  At least that is what Google attempts to provide in their results.

Does it always work?  Not always but Google continues to make changes to their algorithm so that the results will be what the searcher needs.  Are you ready to enter the race to the top of the rankings?   It might be compared to climbing Mount Everest.  You better be well informed, have the right gear, and most of all an experienced sherpa.  In the case of Mount Everest, your life depends on it.  In the case of SEO, well, your business may depend on it.

Why Hire An SEO Sherpa?

You business website is a valuable investment.  As a business owner you wouldn't think of handing over your best business account to the to a new member of the team with the least experience in your business.  If you are one of those owners with a high priced adult toy in your garage you wouldn't let you 16 year old's boyfriend drive it either.   Then why do business owners either try to do it themselves, let the novice marketing employee handle it or outsource it to one of those places that only charge $1.20 a day for services?   It just seems like a good place to save money, right?  Wrong?

Treat your business website like the incredible resource it is capable of being.  Has anyone ever told you that about your employees?  The same owners that don't take care of other valuable resources tend to ignore their Websites.  It is a tool.  Take care of your tools and they will take care of you.   

Notice the load that the SEO Sherpa is carrying in the photo!  That thing on his back is a whole bag of best practices.  He is prepared for anything that might happen on the SEO mountain.  No doubt he has all the tools of the trade pack in there and the knowledge from many climbs to the top on how to put them to good use.  Don't risk your business to that overnight bag your wife packed for you prior to the trip.  Depending on how much life insurance you have she may not have your best interest in mind!

SEO Sherpa & Coach for more sales

Don't be fooled by the imitators or the outsourcers.

use A SEO Sherpa with the business, SEO knowledge, and tools that will get your business to the top.

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John is a former USMC veteran that has spent years working in industrial leadership roles, including engineering, IT, mfg operations, marketing, business development, and sales. He earned a BSEE and MBA in marketing and finance from Lewis University.

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