I'm John Hamerlinck

Digital Visibility Strategist


I'm Jason Dawson

Ui/Ux & Print Designer


Digital Visibility Strategist

My focus is helping B2B equipment  manufacturing companies reach their ideal customers and increase sales.  

The benefit of working with me is background in manufacturing industries as senior engineering, operations, marketing, and sales positions. 

This experience enables me to leverage today's digital technologies to help your potential customers find you and your products or services.

Use me as a coach for your employees or quarterback for outsourcing marketing services after we develop your strategy.

Why Depend on Me?

How I Approach Every Project

My Approach - I focus on each project as if it is my own company and my money.

Work Ethic: I get the job done and available most any time that I am needed.  

Priority: Your project - meeting costs, deadlines and goals.  We will meet your goals.

Knowledge Transfer:  It is always my goal to ensure your employees receive the benefit of all documentation and processes.

Why I Do What I Do?

In 2009 I was asked to help US Department of Defense to salvage a failed mission in Iraq.  It was suppose to take no more than 2 months leave of absence from my current business.  For two years I helped the industries of Iraq privatize their industrial base after years of war and neglect.  

Helping stabilize the war torn economy and people of Iraq evolved to 4 more years working through-out Afghanistan with a similar mission of accelerating business development.  Improving the business climate, adding jobs, and improving the economy was one of the three pillars of combating terrorism in the area.

Lack of online visibility of American and European industrial products and services was a major obstacle to successfully stabilizing the war torn economies.

The Problem

In 2008 a specialized task force was created to stabilize the economy by privatizing state owned industries and creating jobs through-out the country wasn't going well.  There was only six months remaining to specify, source, and contract for $54 million dollars of industrial equipment to facilitate the privatization.

I was unable to source American and European industrial equipment and materials due to their lack of visibility on the internet.

The Solution

The Task Force for Business Stability Operations worked in every sector of the economy including manufacturing, mining, oil & gas, banking, indigenous industries, agriculture, and government regulations.  

A universal challenge was access to information and resources outside the country.  With the lack of reliable communications outside the few primary cities we had to depend on satellite links to the internet for research and sourcing materials, equipment, and services to serve all of these industries and support local business owners.

Critical information could not be found through traditional internet search or government systems.  Both Iraqis and Afghan engineers and business owners wanted to source spare parts, manufacturing process, and materials from America and Europe.  US and European suppliers of industrial equipment and materials did not have a presence on the internet.  Often the only sources were Chinese who seem to dominate the web from that side of the world.

This often resulted in subpar products and materials adding to the chaos of decades of war to the industry and businesses of these countries.  I'm determined to ensure that American and European industrial products and materials companies are more visible on the web than Chinese competitors.


I'm Good At...

SemRush Application


Leveraging Semrush and similar applications to analyze your online visibility and competitive strengths.

Get Your Message Right


Getting your message right and something that customers needing solutions being searched online. 

SEO Strategy

Digital Strategy

Defining the best strategy that aligns with your business goals and produces measurable results.


Search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization that reduces cost but increases qualified leads and sales.

MY experience

Work Experience

Jan  2015 - Present

Managing Partner

Wescat, Inc. Tampa Bay, Florida

I started the Digital Marketing business after spending six years overseas and not being able to find industrial equipment online.  

Most companies just didn't make themselves visible to potential clients.  I can help change that for your company.

Supporting small industrial product companies leveraging advanced technologies for years.  It is a pleasure to apply this expertise and today's technologies to help business owners.

March 2009 - Dec 2015

Program/Mgt. Analyst

US DOD OSD, Washington, DC.

A GS-15 Govt Civilian on the Investment & Industry Teams for the Task Force for Business Stability in Iraq & Afghanistan.  

It was my job to advise our teams working across both countries in all business sectors on viability of projects, strategy, and industrial procurement.  

We worked directly with governments and local businesses and industry to improve economic stability and fight terrorism.

Sept 1989 - March 2009

VP/GM of Cox Sampling

Cox Target Media, Tampa Bay, Fl.

I held numerous roles before retiring.  

VP/GM with P & L responsibility for start-up direct mail sampling division serving CPG companies nationally. 

Director of Operations

Customer Service

Graphics & Creative

Printing and Direct Mail

Director of Advanced Technologies

Product Manager


My Studies

Search Engine Optimization

(SEO) Specialization

UC Davis SEO

Foundations of

Business Strategy

university of virginia strategy

Program Management III

Defense Acquisition University

MBA Marketing

Lewis University MBA


Fairmont State University

USMC Combat Veteran

Marine logo


What They Say About Me

Louis Buck

Agribusiness Development Executive

Louis Buck

John finds a "way ahead" even for the most challenging situations. We worked together in Afghanistan and he keeps striving until the results are achieved. Steadfast commitment within a team setting is his strength.


National CyberSecurity Company

John's assistance with SEO has greatly improved our web traffic and positioning. He's taken us from about the 14th page to the 1st page in some cases. Our ad spend is much more efficient giving us better exposure for a much reduced cost.

William Duncan - Emerson

Corporate Director, IOT & Business Technology

He provided expert business guidance and management expertise that will reap benefits for the citizens of Iraq & Afghanistan for decades, and contributed to work that undoubtedly saved American lives in theatres of war. 

Brendan O'Donoghue 

International BusDev at Zipline International

Brendan O'Donoghue

John is a true expert on light and heavy manufacturing, particularly in emerging markets. I've toured numerous factories with John, and with each he provided strong insights into the plant's capacity and potential for investment.

John A.K Lowe- President  

Hilltop Global Associates, LLC

We are judged by the company that we keep, and I am proud to include John in the company of my friends. I trust his integrity completely.

Jenny W. Clark President Solvability

John Hamerlinck at Wescat, Inc. showed me how my website could show up so better for clients in Florida. He explained how it worked thoroughly and how a strategic approach would get me in front of my niche market. I would recommend him to anyone that needs to understand and implement an SEO strategy

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