Website Maintenance

website maintenance plan

Includes everything in the basic monitoring plan plus maintenance.

Automatic Daily Back-Ups - 

If you have a lot of changes or additions to your website and blog weekly it may be best to back-up daily.  This ensure you won't loose the additional content or changes that have been entered each day.  Our plan also tracks who made the changes and when they were made to better detect exactly when the issue occured and why.  Often we can just wind it back to right before the last change.

Website Plug-in License Renewals - 

We use a number of premium plug-ins for monitoring and maintenance of your website.  We will ensure all of those licenses are kept current at no additional cost or concern to you.

Website Security Monitoring -

Security can be a big issue for your business website.  We actively monitor the site for issues and ensure you site is locked down against spammers & hackers.  If your site is being compromized or any suspecious activity is detected we will investigate and resolve any issues.  

120 minutes of website support and consultation - 

This plan includes 120 minutes of monthly telephone and website support.  Any unused time roles over to the following month for 12 months.  Extra time required will be at $75 per hour rate and approved in advanced if more than 240 minutes.

Scan and fix website technical issues -

Weekly scans will detect any technical issues that arise related to broken links, redirects, 404 pages, and similar issues.  Unless something really out of the orginary these issues will be repaired when detected.

Cancel Anytime - No Long Term Contracts - 

We are sure you will be satisfied with our support and will work with you to correct any issues to your satisfaction.  Just need to change or found a better solution, don't worry.   Ensure your payments are up-to-date and cancel at anytime.  We invoice at the beginning of each month.  If you aren't satisfied notify us prior to the end of that month and you don't have to make that monthly payment.  

Please use the form below to contact us or ask questions about the basic monitoring package.  Ready to get started.  Let us know and we will contact you by email or phone.  Want to set up an appointment and speak with us directly just go to the appointment box below and pick a time convenient for you.