Business Growth

Getting new customers

Owners and CEOs

Who Need to Increase Revenues

We Help You Reduce Costs and Increase Sales!

Reduce conventional marketing spend 

on branding, reaching prospects and capturing leads.  

Convert leads into customers.

What are 2 ways to increase revenues?

Cut Costs

Increase Sales


Just about everything else is a subset of these two categories.  A more effective online strategy can impact both of these categories dramatically if developed and implemented effectively.  It can be done quickly and at less cost than traditional approaches.

Why Use our Agency?

Our focus is aligning digital marketing and sales with business goals.  We bring experience from years of working in Fortune 500 and small companies in leadership positions. Experience that includes IT, Marketing, Sales, Mfg Operations, Local Business, and Government Agencies.

Domestic and international experience including working with small business owners in conflict zones to improve operations, increase sales, and create new jobs.

  • We manage all of the work and all of the customer relationships.  
  • The agency is virtual, minimizing overhead costs with increased availability.  
  • No wasted time on long unproductive lunches or travel!
  • No long drawn out marketing plans!
  • Measurable results!

About us

Not as lean, not as mean, but still Marines.

Both principles are former USMC combat veterans.  When the objective needs to be reached effectively, efficiently, and quickly the US calls on the United States Marines.  We take the same approach to business. 

Success is not an option, it is a given!  

John Hamerlinck

John Hamerlinck BSEE, MBA Lewis University - Partner for Technology Analysis & SEO Competitive Strategy

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Bruce Rebmann

Bruce Rebman BS Management & Industrial Relations - Partner for Lead Development & Sales Competitive Analysis and Training

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