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How do your visitors (primes) find you?

What is your online visibility?

Who are your visitors and where do they come from?

What is their interest in you?  

How can you follow up on their visit?

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After years of working with small businesses around the world I realized they all needed a better way to generate leads for sales. After discovering the power of search I spent the next 5 years learning everything I could about optimizing websites to improve online visibility for lead generation.

John Hamerlinck

SEO Strategist & Coach

John & I worked together developing a business accelerator for entrapraneurs in Afghanistan helping business owners grow their businesses.  As part of US DOD efforts to stablize the economy we succesfully trained hundreds of Afghans companies in finance, marketing, and sales. 

Bruce Rebmann

Bruce Rebmann

Sales Strategist & Coach

What you don't know can hurt you.

Ten things business owners need to know about their website. Download our free scoresheet to learn what you don't know or what marketing isn't telling you.

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