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Due To COVID-19 These People Are Searching for Your Products & Services  From Their Home PC, Tablet, or Phone!

How Much Revenue are You Losing When They Can't Find You?

Your product and services to be highly visible at this point in the buyers' process.  At least you want to be more visible than your competitors!   How do you do that?  It is where we come in.  Most companies don't take the time to optimize their websites and content for search.  Often they think the person that designed the website has done this.  They haven't unless you asked for it.  It is complicated and dynamic to ensure that the multiple search engines used by online users find you instead of your competitors first.  Normally that isn't included in a website design or even taken into consideration.  So what can you do about it?

First figure out how much money you are losing!

It is called website visitor ROI.  Might want to calculate it for your entire marketing department!  What is the return on investment?  You can calculate it or we'll help you.  As part of our initial analysis of a website we calculate how much additional return (MONEY) you can get by doing a few simple things. Want to calculate it right now go to the bottom of this page and use the ROI calculator.

Questions & Answers on Business Development Expenses:

  • How much time does it take you or your salesperson to attend one networking meeting?  
  • What does it cost for you or that salesperson for one prospect lunch?
  • How much did it cost for the last lead list the salesperson talked you into buying?
  • What did it cost for that billboard in town?
  • How much did it cost for that last tradeshow?
  • How much for that 10 X 10 booth at the trade show?
  • What about the display itself?
  • The graphics for the display?
  • Shipping the display?
  • The electrical and carpet for the booth?
  • What about business cards, polo shirts, give-a-ways, chocolates?
  • The marketing company that put it all together for you?
  • The email campaign, the brochures, the ad placements?
  • How many qualified leads did you get from the show, lunch, or networking meeting?  Be truthful!
  • What was the value of all this the next day after the show, lunch, or networking meeting?

If You Are A Business Owner Or CEO You Know Exactly What I'm Talking About.

The Answer to all these questions is too much 

compared to Search Engine Optimization.

How much did you initially spend on having someone build your website? 

 If your like many business owners probably a lot of dough!    

I suspect you haven't earned the initial expense back from your current website but could in a reasonable amount of time if you follow our advice.  Find that hard to believe?  What if I told you I guarantee that we will find at least 5 problems with your website during the first 10 minutes of our conversation?  I will personally do it in real time in a video chat.  If I can't find 5 problems I will pay you for the 10 minute consultation!  

I am also willing to bet you don't even know the condition of your website, where the visitors come from, if you have any, or why they aren't turning into leads, prospects, or customers.  Within 30 minutes I can tell you the rest of the story or at least show you the evidence of what you don't know and what can help you increase your revenue.   What is 15 or 30 minutes of your time worth?  Talking to me will be worth more than the time you spent reading the Wall Street Journal this morning or checking the sports highlights.

Interested?  Read On

How Do You Set the Stage So These People Find Your Products & Services?

A business website needs to WORK!  Just like your car or an airplane you fly in they need maintenance to work properly over time and ensure the passengers have a pleasant ride.  You want your website visitors to:

  • Have a pleasant visit
  • Find the information they were searching for
  • Be confident you can deliver on your products and services
  • Recognize your authority in the business
  • Want to return
  • Want to tell their friends
  • Purchase your products or services

Do Your Employees and Contractors Understand Your Business Goals?

All of our work is influenced by your business goals in that the end result has to support meeting those goals.  We have some brief questions and interview that will help us understand your view of the business and what you want to accomplish with your website and online presences.  These includes understanding the persona or avatar of your idea customer.  This helps us better identify any issues related to attracting the right visitors and getting the right message to them for converting them to customers.

How Do You Find Problems With The Website That Might Impact Search or the Visitors' Experience?

Our first step included with our Basic SEO package is a comprehensive site audit.   Actually this is more of an analysis of the site audit.  There are three parts to the audit and analysis. 

  1. Run automatic audit that checks for a wide variety of technical issues that impact search engines and visitor experience.
  2. Run a manual audit where our experts analyze messaging, contact information, trust, authority, and other key aspects.
  3. If the WebSite is a WordPress site we run a comprehensive WP scan that includes security testing.

It is Important to Find & Fix the High Priority Issues Immediately

Our report will classify the issues into levels of importance to SEO, visitors' experience, and security.  We will fix the more important issues right away and provide you with recommendations if changes are necessary with the appearance of the website.   If messaging is a problem we will set up a separate process with your and your team to facilitate improvement of the messaging.  (this may be an additional cost depending on the complexity of the issue and if physical presence is required to work with your team)  

Stop Procrastinating. It is Costing You Money!

Let Us Work With Your Team to Develop an Implementation Plan to Improve Revenues

The initial repairs of website technical issues and priority changes are part of this plan but many improvements will need to be made by a comprehensive schedule of events and tasks with milestones.  The average plan is implemented over 60 - 90 days depending on the complexity of the website.  We will develop this plan with your collaboration based on the resources available and the issues identified in the audit and from our analysis.  

The schedule and tasks will be document in Trello and share with your designated staff.  Any tasks that require you attention will be identified in detail on the cards and sent to your staff with recommended due dates.  All documentation will be archived with the cards and shared in Google Docs unless Microsoft Office is requested.  You will be able to access this plan at any time to review the status and outstanding tasks.

A weekly summary will be created in Gantt chart fashion through Trello.   It is recommended that this summary be utilized for a weekly review of the implementation and any issues are addressed.

Insert Call to Action

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I'll guarantee to find at least 5 things wrong with your website that are costing you money within 10 minutes or less.