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Search Engine Optimization for

Industrial Products & Services

Industrial marketing is not the same as consumer marketing, and neither is search engine optimization for industrial products and services.

An SEO strategy advisor can help you grow your industrial equipment business.  You can’t just call Uber when you want to get your business to the next level of growth.  (SEO) Search Engine Optimization can improve your business’s success online.  B2B marketing for industrial equipment and machinery is unique.  You need someone that knows your target audience.

Are you a small business owner wanting to compete online?   Most business owners have specific expertise they started the business.  Often that expertise doesn’t include lead generation and sales.  It can be one of the most daunting tasks for business owners, especially with the rapidly changing digital environment where you must compete  Personal networking and referrals are still the best way to get new business.  Your website and online presence are becoming increasingly important.  For many companies, their only storefront is on the web.  Make your storefront more than just a brochure.  Make it generate leads for you.

Search engine optimization will help ensure customers find your products & services online.

Your website is your storefront.  It is where new customers will find your business.  It is no longer good enough to have that corner location in town.  The US alone has more than 81 million websites and NO corner locations. Are you getting visitors to your website? Are they staying long enough to understand what you do and how well you do it?  For industrial equipment, can engineers find you?  Are you offering solutions to their problems?  Are you helping them develop RFQ and specifications?  If you aren’t, you are missing opportunities.

An excellent online strategy can:

  • Establish your brand.
  • Convince a visitor to investigate your product’s services further.
  • Establish your authority or expertise
  • Ensure you are included in RFQs.
  • Generate a lead or inquiry.
  • Sell products directly.

Does your website provide a visitor with a quick, clear message of who you are and what you do?

Your storefront is competing with 81 million others in the US.

Competing for a potential consumer’s time has always been difficult.  Traditional marketing always seeks to get the best message across in the least amount of time.  Marketing has ever needed to get a person’s attention, get them to pause and read the label, and grasp the message.  Getting attention has to be done in seconds, certainly no more than a minute for a TV commercial.  A billboard, precious seconds, at 70 miles per hour.  Magazine or newspaper ad, fractions of a second to be noticed, and must be positioned on a store shelf to catch a blink of an eye.

  • The internet is an even stricter environment.
  • It has decreased our attention span.  
  • We now want instant messaging.  

With 1.4 billion searches a day on the internet, how does your website get that consumer’s attention?  How do you get on the first page of search results?  Few of us ever look past the first page of results.  You can pay to be on the first page, or you can use proper search engine optimization techniques to get your website in those first few results.

So how does your website rank?

A good SEO strategy advisor applies in-depth knowledge of business and markets to an analysis of your company’s online presence to get your website to the top of the result pages.   A thorough examination isn’t just mechanical scanning of your website for bugs, errors, or keywords.  Analysis needs to include how to leverage and align your online strategy with your business strategy and expertise.  It starts with doing the basics.

A hands-on management style is focusing on effective SEO versus untested ideas or short-term fixes.  I will coach and train your team to understand what needs doing and how to do it.  No long-term commitments unless you want to outsource the ongoing work or subscribe to advisory services. Most of your competitors don’t do the basics and are spending a lot of money to drive prospective customers to their websites.

SEO Strategy Will Help with More than Just Getting Visitors to Your Website.

Optimizing doesn’t stop with getting the prospects to your website. Correctly applying SEO techniques will help ensure candidates stay long enough to understand your message and turn into potential clients.  You want your visitors to hang around long enough to know what you do and how good you do it.  Only then do you have a chance that they will become actual sales leads.  How many sales leads do you get from your website?

Measurable SEO Strategy Results.

The effectiveness of SEO is measurable.  You will get weekly reports on the analytics of visitors, the time they spent on your site, and what attracted them to you.  You will find out more about their demographics and how they found your website.  No hocus pocus here.  Real marketing data at your fingertips.  We can drill down and find the right combination of techniques to reach the right audience.  The results can be tied to other marketing channels like retargeting and online advertising when desired.

Are you tired of wasting money on an ineffective website and faulting your online strategy?

It only takes a short conversation with me to understand your business goals and current business and online strategy.  Using SEO software, I can rapidly complete the technical analysis of your website. I can define the right customer persona for your business. With your resources dedicated to marketing and sales or outside resources, we can develop a customized plan for developing and implementing a strategy that will generate visitors, leads & sales for your business.

SEO is complicated.  It isn’t just a technical evaluation of your website.  I good SEO strategy advisor will ensure your business strategy aligns with your online strategy.  With years of business and professional experience, I can complete a basic assessment in a day.  You will receive a written technical report that your or your technical and marketing team are free to use.  If we agree that there is value in retaining my services, we’ll develop a custom plan for me to work with your team or yourself to improve your online lead generation.


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