John Hamerlinck | Partner

BSEE | MBA - Lewis University

USMC Combat Veteran, and SDVOSB.


I'm an Digital Marketing addict.  Everyone in this world that has a smart phone, mobile device, or desktop computer searches for information every day.  Somewhere North of 86% of them use Google for that search.  Anyone that has been in sales, as I have, knows that when the buyer has "intent" looking for information on a product or service, it is the right time to get in front of them with your solutions to their problems.

The best way to get in front of them is for your business to appear on page one of Google Search Results during their search. "The best way to hide a dead body is to be on page two of Google search results".  No one ever looks to page two.

My job is to get your business on page one of the results, get the searcher to click on your solutions, and convert them to customers.  Every business is different as are their solutions. I figure out what will work best for you to outrank and out sell your competitors.

Not the average Geek.  I actually have business experience in manufacturing, engineering, information technology marketing, and sales.

Previous career included leadership positions in US DOD and Fortune 100 companies:  RJR, J&J, Cox Enterprises, and UBS Financial.

Specializing in Industrial Equipment & Manufacturing.

Digital Marketing Strategist

Bruce Rebmann | Partner

BS Management & Industrial Relations

University of Bridgeport

USMC Combat Veteran, and SDVOSB

I'm all about sales.  It is great to capture the attention of a prospect when they have "intent" but it often still requires follow-up and sales skills to close the deal.  Too often given a lead the sales person doesn't follow-up or doesn't have the skills to make the sale.

Recently I created my own sales training program referred to as "Shutfukup" and Sale.  You get the point.  Most sales people are so busy talking they don't take the time to listen for what problem the prospect is trying to solve.

This curriculum is customized for your products, services, and sales personnel.  All of it can be done remotely by phone/conference/video calls with your staff.  This coaching is unique to your business and the results are guaranteed.

I've held senior level positions in technology companies leading business development, sales, technical support, and consulting delivery on a global basis. These firms include KPMG, CA Altai, Platinum Technology, US State Department, & US Department of Defense.

More recently I lead a small business accelerator in Afghanistan in support of DOD strategy to improve economic stability through local business growth and job creation. The 38 participating companies created 1047 new jobs, generating $60 million in additional revenues with an average profit margin of 18%.

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Bruce Rebmann

Bruce Rebmann

Sales Strategist & Coach