Basic Website Monitoring Plan

Website Monitoring Services

Basic maintenance and monitoring of your website.

Website Software Updates -

Sounds simple but seldom done by the average business owners.  Most owners have other things to do to make the business a success and often don't even assign the responsibility to someone in the organization.  We ensure the settings on the website automatically update software or if you website building doesn't have the setting physically check weekly to ensure updates are taking place.  Not updating your website's software is like not fixing recalls on your car, not changing the oil, or not putting in gas.  Sooner or later the car is not going to work or might even crash.  As a business owner you probably can't afford for your website to crash.

Weekly Website Back-Ups -

Even with the best percausions Websites will and do crash.  The simplist solution is to be able to restore your website from a back-up copy.  We ensure that the website is backed up weekly and with one call we will get you back online and operational.  It is like a "back-up" vehicle my son-in-law would call it.  Another car in the garage in case your car doesn't start for work.  You can jump into the other car and get to work on time.

Website Plug-In Updates - 

Plug-Ins are those specialized applications that allow your business website to do specific tasks that aren't programmed into the master content management system (the software used to create your basic website.).  Many of the plug-ins are essential for your business whether collecting visitor data or setting up payments for goods or services.  Each plu-in has their own update schedule that can't be predicted.  We ensure that each and everyone is updated weekly such that you don't loose any of your website's functionality.

Website Performance Scanning & Speed Tests -

There are a multitude of issues that can affect the performance and speed of your website that will go undetected until the get so bad they impact the effectiveness of your website and visitors' experience.  We will scan the website weekly to detect problems.  If a problem is dectected we will use the allocated support time to remedy the issue or contact you if more serious.

30 Minutes of Website Support - 

Support time includes content changes, adding pages/posts, adding/changing images or slides, adding events, and similar minor adjustments.  It doesn't include management of social media accounts, membership software, online stores or other complex systems.  Tracked in 15 minutes increments, time not used rolls over each month.  Additional time is charged at $75 per hour in one hour increments.  Any thing over two extra hours required prior approval.

Cancel Anytime - No Long Term Contracts - 

We are sure you will be satisfied with our support and will work with you to correct any issues to your satisfaction.  Just need to change or found a better solution, don't worry.   Ensure your payments are up-to-date and cancel at anytime.  We invoice at the beginning of each month.  If you aren't satisfied notify us prior to the end of that month and you don't have to make that monthly payment.  

Please use the form below to contact us or ask questions about the basic monitoring package and see if you qualify for this great rate.  Ready to get started.  Let us know and we will contact you by email or phone.  Want to set up an appointment and speak with us directly just go to the appointment box below and pick a time convenient for you.